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My Top Keys to Developing Discipline

How do I stay motivated everyday? I get this question a lot! If I'm being completely honest, I am not always powered by motivation but, discipline. Discipline forces you to keep going even when everything is telling you not to. Here are just a few ways I practice discipline on a daily basis.

Set daily goals (Yes, everyday)

I am all about competing (with myself) and setting small goals throughout the day for maximum motivation. Sometimes setting high expectations of where you should be in life or giving yourself an unreasonable timeline to hit a certain goal can be disappointing in the long run. Set goals you know you can achieve, but don't cheat yourself by making them too simple...balance. Also...hold yourself accountable! If you don't hit your goal one day...acknowledge it, move on, and try harder tomorrow! Here are a few of my daily goals that I am currently working towards everyday:

1. Water Intake - How much water can I drink before 12:00pm? (my personal goal: 8 bottles of water)

2. Time of Arrival - Everyday I work towards beating yesterday's time. (example: getting to work at 8:30am vs 9:00am etc...)

No phone/laptop when getting ready for bed

When you are getting ready for bed, you shouldn't be on your phone or laptop. One of two things might happen: you will fall asleep with your phone/laptop in hand or you will go to sleep super late (not a good start to the next day). You can avoid this by turning the "Do Not Disturb" setting on your Iphone at a specific time and placing your phone/laptop on the other side of the room. 

Write it down

What are the list of things you need to do today? Write it down. Did you accomplish it? Cross it off. Instant satisfaction! There must be a science behind this because just by writing things down I feel like I am fully responsible for completing the task. I am currently using an agenda by @shopbando to write down and cross off (when completed) my gym & work schedule, client sessions, upcoming bills, reminders and everything in between. For the most part your schedule will be the same from day to day, but I promise what may seem "regular" or "normal" to you to finish in a day is really an accomplishment. Give yourself more credit.

Love, light and discipline.


Michelle Natalie Mendez


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