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Quarantine Schedule

Now that we are in week 5 of quarantine, I have gotten used to this craziness and I have a productive schedule going. Even though I am home everyday, I like to keep all of my tasks separate. EX: "Gym time" is performed outside or in my living room, "Work" is done at my desk, "Chill time" is done in my room/family room and "Sleeping" is done in my room (get it?)

If you stay in one place too long, you will go crazy! I have found that separating my tasks and where they are performed keeps me committed to everything that needs to get done that day.

Here's my schedule:


  • Get up early! Sleeping in will steal your day. I leave the lazy days for the weekend (good way to differentiate your days since everyday seems to feel the same)

  • Workout. Get your body moving! A good sweat produces so much energy. 40 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Breakfast. This feels good after an awesome workout!

During the day

  • Working from home? Get to it!

  • No work? Start a passion project. What's something you have always wanted to do? (build a desk, build a vanity, start running miles daily, create a website, learn how to do your nails/hair, begin a youtube, do something you have always been passionate about or just find interest in!) Let this keep you occupied for a couple of hours instead of watching TV or staying on social media all day. All of these projects require little to no money!!! Treat it like a job and put your hours in daily.

  • Take a lunch break. You deserve it. 30 minutes to an hour!

  • If its nice out, get some sun! Sometimes i'll take my lunch outside or go for a walk after I eat (burning calories and getting some vitamin D)


  • The day is almost over (awesome). Engage with your family or friends. Call someone on FaceTime see how their day at "work" was!

  • Start to prepare your dinner. Get your Netflix shows ready (you earned some good TV today!!!)

  • Chill.


  • Take control of your sleeping schedule!!! 10:00pm is a great time to go to bed. Not super late, not super early. You will be able to get up around 6:00/6:30am the next day.

  • Phone on do not disturb!!! You have probably been on your phone/laptop all day, but now you are trying to rest - put it across the room.


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