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Change your morning, change your life.

I could not start off my blog without telling you about what has been giving me life these days. I am completely surprised about how good I feel, the energy I have and how business has been boomin' (going good) because I changed how and when I wake up. I know many people struggle with this part of the day because who doesn't want to stay cozy in their bed while the sun is still down? I have to say I have been on this morning journey for awhile, but I've never quite felt like this before. 

A regular day for me (before waking up early) would consist of pressing snooze till about 7:00 am (just enough time get ready), hop in the shower, make breakfast, get dressed and off to work. I would fit the gym in when I could and believe me I always made time! I noticed I was getting comfortable with this routine and I didn't really feel a challenge. I was always tired so a good pre-workout was necessary!!!


As a recent grad, I had already had a full time job, so I was following my regular routine (Work, gym, clients). Not the most exciting lifestyle, but I was doing what I needed to do and I was essentially making time for all of the things that needed to get done for the day. I was not slacking on the things that I still do now, but again I did not feel challenged.

I've always admired those who could wake up early on the regular and deep down I knew that I always wanted to be that type of person. Long before I knew the power in this action, I always strived for it. I know you're probably thinking this girl is crazy, obsessing over waking up early? Lol! But, when I tell you I can feel a shift coming...I just want to share it to whoever is willing to receive it. 

Then, I found my answer. two days ago. Haha! Miracle Morning! A book that would explain to me why waking up early made me feel powerful, challenged, focused, energized, and excited about living my life. 

Like I said, I didn't read this book till about two days ago, but it has confirmed all the presumptions I had about starting my day way before 8:00 am. 

What I should say is that one thing we all might have in common is that we all want to improve ourselves. How can you do that if you are just letting the day pass by, frivolously scheduling in the gym/alone time, or leaving tasks for tomorrow? 

Getting up 1 hour before you need to get ready for the day is very powerful. Dedicate that hour to think about how you can improve yourself, your business or plan for future goals. Personally, I am using this time to go to the gym and work on bettering myself.

With that being said, I'll leave you with a couple of notes that I have been taking! 

-Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development. Your success attracts the person you become. 

-You are just as worthy, deserving and capable of having health, wealth, and success as anyone on this earth.

-Discipline creates lifestyle.

-Commit to a purpose that is bigger than your problems.

Love, light and early mornings! 

xo Michelle 

Sabana Grande De Palenque, Dominican Republic

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